Back Story

Our mission is to help protect both shark and human.

Preservation, Protection & Peace

Our goal is simple! We want to help reduce and prevent negative human-shark interactions in the world’s oceans.
This is the best way to Preserve the majestic sharks, Protect our loved ones while in the ocean and promote Peace between human and shark.

Luke was a 19-year old college student who was loved by all who knew him, including me. Within an hour of entering the ocean, Luke was attacked by an 16 to 18 foot Great White Shark near Santa Barbara, California.  This tragedy sparked the creation of the Shark Nark App. If we save just one life, that would be enough but we hope to save many. We are just as concerned for the sharks, which is why we want to help the Scientific Community learn as much as possible about the sharks that call our oceans home. It is our mission to preserve lives, protect the creatures in our oceans and provide a peaceful environment for both human and shark.

Dawn Lindsay - Creator

Dawn has called the ocean her second home since she was five years old. Her father and older brother were avid surfers so the entire family spent many days in Santa Cruz, California. She started scuba diving in 1986 in Monterey.

Over the next thirty years she took her diving skill to the Dive Master Level. She was twenty one when she had her first encounter with a Great White Shark. Her education in Marine Life goes back to her childhood and her connection to the ocean remains constant regardless of where she lives. 

As an entrepreneur she has created, developed and sold many business ideas and businesses over the past thirty years. She currently runs her own Five Star business that she started in 2014. She is currently a highly-skilled Amazon Seller with Five Star Customer Service and product ratings with fifteen years of eBay experience. 

Her experience as a PADI EFR Instructor, Scuba Diver and marine researcher gave her the opportunity to teach others how to enjoy and respect the ocean as well as providing magnificent personal experiences under the sea. Her connection to the ocean is unique as the has learned that energy is everywhere and can offer incite into our marine environment and its inhabitants.

Great White Scare Clears Beach!

“I had my own personal experience with a Great White shark when I was twenty one. Thankfully I lived to tell about it. I want to make every effort to make useful tools available to keep our loved ones safer when playing in our oceans.”  ~ Dawn

Enjoying Catalina Dive Park