Increased Chance of Shark Attack Oct 13 & 14

WHEN: Date: October 13 and 14, 2019

WHERE: Oceans Worldwide


  • There is an increase in fish activity bringing in apex predators.
  • The Hunter’s Moon provides an increase in light to hunt by. The sun rise and moon set are within minutes of each other.
  • During High Tide the risk increases. The Full moon creates a higher tide than usual. The water level could be 5 to 6 feet higher in some locations, which provides increase depths along shorelines allowing Great White Sharks to come even closer to shore.
  • This time of year Great White Sharks are migrating to location off the coast of Mexico. In the US, Great whites migrate south from the San Francisco area cruising along the coast line. They will be out in deep sea for the next two months so are eating more frequently, similar to a bear before hibernation.

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