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- Advertising

As with most apps, revenue will be generated in two ways, with App advertising being the highest grossing. It is estimated that by the year 2020, that App Advertising will be a $117 billion dollar industry! The Shark Nark App will be used Worldwide so advertising opportunities are endless.

- Premium App Version

The Premium Version of the Shark Nark App will be available to download for $ 1.99. The Premium Version is ad free and offers features to the user that the Free version of the app does not offer.

This price point puts us in the second highest income bracket based on number of downloads and shows value of this app. It is designed to be used many times by the same user, not just for one time use.

App Retention

The Shark Nark App is under the category of Travel & Lifestyle. As shown by Localytics, this Category ranked the highest in retention rate over a three month period. This app is designed and should be used by anyone going to any beach anywhere in the world. The retention rate should surpass those of other travel apps that only provide information on location that can be found on Google maps.


App Developers

We need to hire the developers need for the complex code and algorithms. New locations and other database information is being uploaded daily. The time to work on the app is on a volunteer basis.

The majority of the funding will go towards app development. A small portion will be used for advertising.