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Cape Cod Study Finds No Easy Way to Stop Shark Attacks

Best solution is to stay out of the water, report says, after evaluating barriers, seal-population control and other methods for beaches.

Long-Awaited Study On Cape Cod Sharks Recommends More Onshore Precautions

A sign informs visitors of lifeguard hours at Newcomb Hollow Beach in Wellfleet, Mass. Arthur Medici of Revere, Mass., died after being bitten by a shark offshore there on Sept. 15, 2018.

Warning signs posted at Waimea Bay after 3 sharks spotted in nearshore waters

Shark sighting reported Saturday, ocean safety officials say.

By HNN Staff    October 15, 2019

Shark Horror: The terrifying moment student comes face to face with colossal predator

A YOUNG student had a terrifying close encounter with a great white shark, while diving in Bali.
By John Varga

Missing diver’s ‘shredded’ clothes found after potentially savage shark attack

A MISSING diver is believed to have been eaten by a shark after his ripped clothes were found floating in the sea.
By Millie Bull

Great white sharks stalk paddleboarders for 30 minutes in terrifying footage

The deadly predators were around 9ft long and were spotted close to the shore of the Californian city of Carpinteria.

By Simon Green   October 14, 2019

Great white shark bitten by even bigger sharks in Atlantic Ocean, officials say


Extensive report analyzes what can be done about sharks in waters around Cape Cod

October 16, 2019