Shark Nark is a proactive early warning system and service provided for coastal locations around the world. An expensive, comprehensive report conducted by Cape Cod determined that the best way to promote peace between humans and sharks is to provide more communication on shore of dangers lurking beneath the surface, Shark Nark is the solution for this onshore communication.

Shark Nark also provides warnings of rip currents and other potentially harmful marine life in the area as well as instructions on how to respond should an incident occur. As an Emergency First Response Instructor, creator Dawn Lindsay, spent years teaching the public these lifesaving skills.

By cooperating and partnering with local Life Guard Associations and organizations working to track sharks worldwide, we can provide the greatest protection for both sharks and humans. By combining efforts for a common goal, we hope that the vital data we are collecting will help researchers better understand the changing behaviors and environments of marine life.


There a many factors we consider before issuing warnings. These same factors are considered by many sport enthusiasts to choose the best location for their activity. High and low tides are major factors in the existence of marine life but is also important to surfers because tides affect the surface as much as they effect what lies beneath. Water temperature and fish activity are also important factors to determining increased risk of attack.

  • Tides
  • Lunar Activity
  • Fish activty
  • Actual sightings
  • Local pings of tagged marine life
  • Bottom contour and composition
  • Water temperature
  • Weather
  • Water depth

Shark Nark is an advisory service and is not responsible for a person’s safety. Use of the ocean is strictly at your own risk.

Water users are reminded to check the signage on the beach for the current conditions and risks.

Current Projects

Shark Nark App

Deterrent Devices

Powerful information in the palm of your hands! The best way to reach a large number of people at specific locations around the globe is with an app that can be downloaded on any mobile device. Fully developing this app is Shark Nark’s primary goal. The app will provide real-time notifications for the user as well as providing valuable information all in one place. We are so grateful for donations as the cost to develop this app is expensive due to the complex coding and algorithms required.

Powered by Shark Shield Technology, the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM7 gives you up to 6-hours protection from all predatory sharks – including Great Whites. Lightweight and designed to fit seamlessly with your existing gear, it offers powerful protection and peace of mind – so you can get out there and explore the ocean wilderness.

We are working towards making these life-saving devices more readily available at a reduced cost and extending the current Government discounts to include all coastal areas around the globe!

Would you like to help?

We have many ways that you can get involved from donating your time to sharing our projects with your family and friends. You can visit our store where every purchase helps us get closer to reaching our goals. Protecting our oceans should be important to every person on our planet, as they are a vital ecosystem for life on Earth. It is always easier to say “maybe tomorrow” or “someone else will help”. It takes a special, unique caring individual to step up to make a difference. We sure hope you’re one of those people. Please check out the many ways that you get involved.