Our goal is simple! We want to help reduce and prevent negative human-shark interactions in the world’s oceans. Why? It is the best way to Preserve the majestic sharks, Protect our loved ones while in the ocean and promote Peace between human and shark.

Negative publicity is bad for everyone. Consider the frenzy that the movie “Jaws” created when it first came out. The world was terrified of sharks as a result. This is the opposite of what we want.  It is important that research and conservation efforts of sharks continue for many reasons. So much is still unknown about them.

All kinds of hazards can be found in the ocean, including rip currents. Many beaches are known for certain marine life behavior. Until now, mostly locals knew where to go and where to stay away. For example in San Felipe, Mexico they do something called the “Shuffle”. No it’s not a cool dance move. That is when you shuffle your feet along the bottom of the ocean to scare away unsuspecting stingrays. Now isn’t this something you would like to know BEFORE you go in the ocean in San Felipe?

This is another example of something we can do to promote a positive experience while protecting ourselves and the marine life. It comes down to Educate and Action! Educate yourself on any known hazards in the area by using the Shark Nark App each and every time you are going to enter the marine environment.

Preserve and Protect with Education and Action to live in Peace with our oceans.

In the name of Science


This is a very important in the Scientific Community because without data we would have nothing to research. The Shark Nark is the only app that collects this variety of data that we store in our database. A very complex algorithm evaluates this data to determine if a hazard alert is necessary at a given place and time by the Shark Nark App.

By analyzing the data, Scientists can gain valuable information about the conditions that certain hazards occur more often, like a shark attack. Perhaps the answer will finally be revealed about where White Shark go to breed and raise the young pups.

What little we do know about the reproduction of Great White sharks is very fascinating. The pups are born inside the shark as fully capable, mini Great Whites. They feed off the unhatched eggs until they are born. A newborn White Shark pup averages between four and six feet in length. If you do an Internet search for White Shark mating or birthing, you won’t find any photos because we don’t know where it happens. We have an idea of when but that is only one small piece of a very large puzzle.

So cute!