17-year-old shark attack survivor describes her battle with the beast

Addison Bethea was out hunting for scallops in the waters off Keaton Beach, Florida, on Thursday when a shark latched onto her flesh.

“I didn’t really know exactly what to do, but I knew that with sharks you’re supposed to punch them in the nose to get them off of you, and I couldn’t get around to punch him in the nose,” the 17-year-old told CNN. “So I just started socking it in the face and then poked its eyes and I tried to latch it off me with my fingers, and then it bit my hand.”  Read More …..

Two European tourists killed in Red Sea shark attacks off Egyptian coast

A Romanian and an Austrian have been killed in shark attacks within three days off the Red Sea coast of Egypt.

Romania’s Foreign Ministry confirmed that a female tourist from the country was killed while vacationing on Sunday.

A 68-year-old Austrian woman died on Friday in another attack while swimming near the resort town of Hurghada.

It is still unclear whether the attacks were caused by the same shark.  Read More …..

NY Orders Enhanced Shark Patrols on Long Island Beaches Amid Series of Encounters

New York state has ordered enhanced shark patrols at Long Island State Park beaches after a series of recent encounters left lifeguards, surfers and swimmers gashed on some of the South Shore’s most popular stretches of sand.

Three people were attacked at the same beach — Smith Point County Park, a Fire Island barrier beach — within a 10-day span last week, leading to multiple but temporary closures of swimming areas. None of the injuries was life-threatening, but a number of the people who discovered their skin torn after feeling pain needed stitches to close their wounds.  Read More ……

Increased risk of shark attack

WHEN: June – September 2022


      • California, Texas & Florida Coasts
      • East Coast of U.S.
      • East Coast of S. Africa
      • West & East Coasts of Australia
      • Isla Santa Cruz, Galapagos.

WHY: Migration pattern brings Great White sharks of all maturity levels closer to shore. As they migrate they will feed on any available prey that they encounter in route. They will begin their migration to deep waters beginning in September.